Differenza Donna was founded in Rome on 6th March 1989 with the goal of exposing, combating, preventing and overcoming gender-based violence. As far as THB is concerned, it is an active member of the civil society’s organizations network involved in the national referral mechanism of victims of THB since 1998, as integrated by 2000 UN Protocol, Warsaw Convention 2005, EU directive 36/2011/EU and 2018 UNHCR Guidelines. By now, Differenza Donna, through a specific feminist and intersectional perspective and methodology, manages two refugee houses and four helpdesks for women victims of trafficking, partly supported by public funding. The organization has hosted and sustained over 1200 women Victims of Trafficking by responding to their needs, guaranteeing their rights and enhancing their social inclusion and empowerment. Differenza Donna, through its activities, raises awareness of the anti-trafficking network; strengthens and widens collaborations with other stakeholders, health and social services, local and national institutions and organizations.