APG23 is an international association founded in 1968 by Father Oreste Benzi. The association is present in 43 countries across five continents, manages 520 different centers all over the world and runs several projects in order to address the different needs of vulnerable people, including European and international projects to support victims of human trafficking in collaboration with numerous NGOs and institutions. Since 1996, APG23 is engaged in an Anti-trafficking Service in favor of victims of trafficking, in particular victims of sexual exploitation, with a gender, intersectional and intercultural approach. The Service provides for: first contact of the victims through 27 street teams and 5 teams of first contact indoor; reception in shelters and/or in family homes providing health care, psychological support and legal assistance, language and vocational training, reintegration into employment, social integration, financial education and, in the case of mothers, supporting motherhood and childhood; awareness raising and political action to remove the causes of trafficking and serious forms of exploitation, and prevention initiatives in schools and universities. In addition, since 2006 APG23 is represented in Geneva at the United Nations with the status of Consultative Special in Ecosoc (United Nations Economic and Social Council), also acting as spokesperson for victims of trafficking and gender violence, and children victims of abuse and sale.